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Trish Mills

First Job at Scaled


Favorite Scaled Memory

I’ve had a lot of awesome memories while working at Scaled Composites for the last 32 years, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be the SpaceShipOne program. It was such an exciting program from beginning to end. I was involved in the proposal and contract phase, working closely with Burt, and continued to be involved all the way to gluing yellow stars on a large blue curtain that would surround SpaceShipOne to keep it from sight during the unveiling ceremony before hundreds of guests until Burt gave the command to pull the curtain. Such anticipation and excitement was only surpassed by the first X-Prize flight (X-1) on September 29, 2004. I was responsible for inventorying the list of items Burt was placing in the payload container and I recall having to scramble at the last minute to locate more Scaled letterhead stationary to ensure we met the weight criteria. We still use that letterhead today for special letters with a logo of SpaceShipOne with all the information from that first flight. I had worked with Burt and Mike and Sally Melvill since 1980 at RAF and we all hold a very special bond of friendship. I stood by Sally’s side while Mike rocketed SpaceShipOne just beyond the atmosphere arcing through space far enough for him to become the first civilian astronaut. Sally and I kept our eyes toward the sky until we could see the vehicle come back into sight and hugged as we watched Mike glide safely back to earth with tears of joy running down both our faces. It was beyond a doubt a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I would not trade for anything! It was a program that brought so much pride and sense of accomplishment for not just me, but the entire company knowing that we had all contributed to making history where Scaled Composites, a private enterprise, crossed the threshold into human spaceflight and paved the way for future space tourism.


I was on the team that was awarded the Robert J. Collier Trophy in 2005 for the SpaceShipOne program.

During the last 37 years working for both Burt at Rutan Aircraft Factory (for 5 years) and Scaled (for 32 years), Trish has held positions of increasing responsibility including Receptionist, Engineering Secretary, Computer Systems Administrator, Bids and Proposals/Contract Administrator, Executive Secretary, and Corporate Secretary. In her current position, Trish is responsible for Human Resources, External Communications, Security, and Information Technology.

Trish is a native Californian and was raised in the Mojave area. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from the Antelope Valley College. Trish is an award-winning amateur artist and enjoys acrylic painting in her spare time.