Vice President_Manufacturing Operations

Luke Goossen

First Job at Scaled

In my first year, I worked hand-in-hand with the shop as a manufacturing engineer building composite parts and assemblies. The best part was being able to grab some tools and work with my hands on the project while being an engineer; that isn’t common in the industry.

Favorite Scaled Memory

Every time I see a plane lift off the ground for the first time, which, fortunately, happens often here. A close second to that is when I won the company Halloween contest dressed as Napoleon Dynamite.

Luke joined the Scaled team in 2009 as a Manufacturing Engineer. A year later, given the opportunity to mix technical work with his knack for getting teams to work well together, he transitioned into Program Management. For the next five years he operated one of Scaled’s larger programs, and when opportunities arose, dabbled in some of the smaller ones. When the company grew large enough to warrant reorganization in 2015, Luke joined the senior management team as the VP of Manufacturing Operations, or as he sometimes calls it, the Head Shop Assistant.

Prior to joining Scaled, Luke worked as an aircraft systems-integration engineer for BAE Systems, a mechanical design engineer for L-3 Communications, and an air-to-air weapons test engineer and officer in the United States Air Force. Luke has been involved with the modifying, testing, or operating of MH-60 Black Hawks, MH/CH-47 Chinooks, AH-64 Apache gunships, C-12 and MC-12 Huron variants, QF-4 Drones, Subscale target drones, a variety of sailplanes, various GA and experimental aircraft, and a slew of aerospace composites structures and assemblies.

Luke’s education includes an M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University, a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the US Air Force Academy, and a real-world education in how airplanes actually work by maintaining and flying his own Experimental LongEZ.